Fremont, CA – ISE Labs, the Silicon Valley’s largest IC test facility, and Exis Tech SDN. BHD. announced today:


• The installation of an Exis-250 rotary handler for pilot and overnight production testing,
• A technology showcase of the Exis-700 rotary CSP handler with post-singulation test capability.


Exis 250


Rabbi Islam, Vice President of Engineering at ISE Labs, said, “Lower cost devices requiring a rotary handler can now be developed on our wide range of ATE choices. The Exis-250 allows customers to plan for a lower long-term cost basis on new products developed at ISE.” HL Lee, Exis Tech Managing Director, added, “The Exis 250 will provide 8x Test Stations, including our latest Voice Coil technology which combines precise force control with software programmable stroke control.”


Exis 700


The Exis 700 is an industry breakthrough that brings both flexibility and lower cost to CSP handling. “Once CSP devices are picked into a parallel process rotary handler, as long as the various process steps are shorter than the cycle time then throughput remains the same, so we can do more. With the Exis-700 we can now do multisite test after singulation, laser mark, and vision inspection with high throughput.” said HL Lee. Rabbi Islam added, “ISE Labs now has a highly flexible all-in-one handler for CSP devices. The Exis-700 includes a detaper if material needs to be retested or re-inspected. We are happy to introduce this new capability for CSP production to Silicon Valley and US customers.”


About Exis Tech Exis Tech SDN. BHD. provides production test and engineering solutions for the handling of semiconductor devices. Since 2002 Exis Tech has worked to improve handler capabilities and throughput with innovative engineering and by crafting highly reliable products. Exis Tech’s mission is to be a trustworthy provider by leveraging the best resources and design to be the lowest in cost and highest in customer satisfaction and quality. Headquartered in Seremban, Malaysia within a state-of-the-art plant which houses all manufacturing, R&D, and administration; Exis Tech also owns a tool & die company in Kuala Lumpur. For further information contact Dean VanDruff, Exis Tech US.


About ISE Labs ISE Labs, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc., the largest independent provider of semiconductor packaging and testing services in the world. With a broad portfolio of service offerings, ISE Lab’s turnkey solution includes package design and selection, IC assembly, front-end engineering test, wafer probing, final test, device qualification, reliability test, failure analysis, and project and logistics management. Headquartered in Fremont, Calif., ISE Labs is the largest semiconductor test engineering service provider in the Silicon Valley, and also maintains operations in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit www.iselabs.com.