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Partnership Aims to Create the Next Generation Industrial Internet of Things Automation


SENAWANG, NEGERI SEMBILAN (June 21st, 2016) – Leading industrial automation designer and manufacturer, Exis Tech Sdn. Bhd. has announced a strategic partnership with GEM, an Internet of Things solutions and platform provider.

The GEM PRECARE platform offers Exis Tech’s customers the ability to control, monitor and automate their manufacturing processes. In addition, highly sophisticated software tools provide critical analytical capabilities to continuously improve the production cycle. This cloud-enabled process can be performed on a private or public cloud service.

GEM provides a variety of software agents and sensors that are tailored to suit each specific type of machine. They support a variety of different hardware platforms, including PCs, mobile devices, custom hardware, CPUs, FPGAs and more. GEM also provides solutions and support services for both its own and third-party sensors and hardware.

Exis Tech’s customers who are currently using the EXIS 200/250/500/700 platform will be able to quickly and easily deploy GEM’s solution, making it possible for them to collect and analyze real-time information on the machine’s performance.

“Exis Tech’s partnership with GEM will enable our customers to be more proactive in monitoring the performance of their machines and when needed, perform tweaking to further improve their productivity,” said H.L. Lee, the CEO of Exis Tech Sdn. Bhd. “This will provide them with greater control over the production process and empower them to carry out remedial action before any problems occur,” he added.

The joint Solution provided by GEM and Exis Tech is unique in the Industrial Machine to Machine and IOT. Our partnership enables customers to effortlessly get out-of-the-box monitoring & control of their production floor for existing and new machines”, said Gal Garniek, GEM President & CEO. “Industrial customers these days require flexible, smart software platforms that extends to a variety of machines. We are excited to enter this partnership with EXIS TECH’s machine line and GEM PRECARE platform”.

For more information on Exis Tech’s products, please contact sales@exis-tech.com. GEM can be reached at sales@gembo.co.











About Exis Tech Sdn. Bhd.: Exis Tech Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan. The company is focused on the design and manufacture of industrial automation solutions, specializing in back-end semiconductor handlers. Exis Tech also provides customized manufacturing automation solutions used in the production of high-tech consumer products.


Exis Tech has a team of dedicated mechanical, electronics and software engineers who have continuously pushed the technology envelope with patented innovations in semiconductor handling. For more information on the company and its products, visit www.exis-tech.com.


About GEM: GEM is headquartered in California, United States. GEM provides Internet of Things platform, agents and sensors. GEM’s portfolio of end to end solutions enable Enterprises and Users to connect devices, machines and people, then easily create a custom environment to protect and optimize the values they care about, using GEM’s analytics, control & automation. GEM’s modular approach supports platform as a service, platform as a product and interfaces for third-party integration at the backend and edge.

GEM serves multiple industries, including Industrial & Manufacturing, Networking & Media, Healthcare, Energy & more. GEM couples its products with services as needed, enabling a complete solution. Learn more at www.gembo.co