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Seremban, Negeri Sembilan (8th September, 2014) – EXIS Pulse, the CSR arm of Exis Tech Sdn. Bhd. today organised a blood donation campaign to help the Tunku Jaafar Hospital in Seremban replenish its blood bank supply.

Apart from blood donors from its own staff, the campaign was open to outsiders, particularly those working in and around the Tunku Jaafar Industrial Park, where Exis Tech Sdn. Bhd.’s headquarters is located. The event started at 10am and ended at 4pm, with a total of 64 bags of blood collected. Donors were also treated to some simple snacks and drinks after donating blood.

Exis Tech Sdn. Bhd. would like to express its heartfelt thanks to all its staff and visitors who came to donate blood and make this event a success. The company is also grateful to the staff of the Tunku Jaafar Hospital’s blood bank department for their cooperation and effort.

For more information on the Tunku Jaafar Hospital in Seremban, please visit http://htjs.moh.gov.my/V2/.


IMG_4869 (Large)

The setting up of the venue for the blood donation campaign.

IMG_4935 (Large)

H.L. Lee, Managing Director of Exis Tech Sdn. Bhd. doing his bit to help save lives.

IMG_5000 (Large)

Queues were rather long, especially during lunch time.

IMG_4975 (Large)

Workers from surrounding factories also took the effort to donate blood.

IMG_4987 (Large)

Some of Exis Tech Sdn. Bhd.’s employees took time off work to help the cause.

IMG_4966 (Large)

At times, the cafeteria (the venue for the blood donation) was rather packed.

IMG_5124 (Large)

Vials of blood collected for testing. Seen here are 63; final count for the day was 64.

IMG_5128 (Large)

The people who made this possible: the staff from Hospital Tunku Jaafar Seremban and some of the EXIS Pulse organising committee.